Valentine’s day quotes 2018

When your foster dwells in a distance, you usually can not communicate easily. To that extent, I think that it would be better to have a volume as appropriate for Valentine ‘s message to your father – in – law. Of course , it is recommended not to communicate feelings of gratitude daily, but also to include the current status report of the family and the future schedule .

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It has been getting colder and cooler for my father, how are you doing?
Thank you for always taking care of something.
I always get vegetables that my father sends me saying it is “delicious” for my family.
Today is Valentine’s Day, so I will give a small thankfulness feeling.
I look forward to working with you.

I am sorry for my father because I can hardly get a face, but how are you doing?
Here also I am living healthily ○ ○ (name of husband) and I.
Today is February 14th, so I will give a gratitude feeling if small.
Please eat with your mother even for hours of tea.
Also, I am also worried about ●● (your husband’s name), so please drink alcohol and tobacco in moderation.
I am happy that my dad will always be fine.

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I am sorry I have not been to you for a while, have you stayed as usual?
I’d like to ask Mr. ● ● (your husband’s name) and Obon to the train.
Today is Valentine ‘s day, so I will give you a chocolate with a daily gratitude to my father.
Please eat it with your mother.

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