Valentines Day Memes

In the way of giving favorite chocolate, everyone is thinking about timing.
However, timing is not the only thing that matters .
I want to make the other party feel that way from passing!

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What matters is “expression” or “gesture”!

For those who care about their opponents, facial expressions and gestures are important!
When a man got Valentine ‘s chocolate,

  • Shameful face was pretty
  • While I was nervous, but I was delighted with the way he handed over so hard
  • I tried to answer my feeling by watching it trying to convey my feelings to the fullest

Many opinions were seen.

It’s embarrassing but full of fun! It seems that men are cute as they appear to be in the form of ♪ The
more people work hard, the more they will receive their hard work!

If you deliver the precision of that time directly to your opponent, this year’s Valentine’s Day is full of flowers (≧ ▽ ≦)

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It is also important to appeal that you are watching seniors properly!

Also, how to add a message is also important as a method of delivering chocolate.

This may be a message card or directly,

  • I am watching the place I always try hard
  • I always appreciate it
  • I want to do my best not to waste what I was taught
  • I’m counting on you, I want to be able to depend on someday

And so on,

  • “I am seeing good places”
  • “I am grateful”

I will add a feeling that.

Everyone is pleased if they are praised ♪ In
addition, my senpai has a discovery that “I saw that way like that”.
Then, it seems to be a little concerned about the partner (≧ ▽ ≦)

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