Valentines Day Memes 2018

Like casually specifying the day and time, we will ask the other’s schedule.

When a senior from a partner’s workplace confirms the schedule, you will see the date.
So the opponent should notice something!
If OK gets out here, is there a lot of pulse (≧ ▽ ≦)

On the day we made a promise, we prepare a message card that shows handmade chocolate and girls’ power. Let’s put in a spirit and prepare for the feeling of
“I prepared so hard

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Also, it is effective to spirit more on usual day than usual.
Let’s change my expectation of “somewhat …” of my seniors at work to conviction of “Oh, after all?”

I am busy with work before Valentine … But if you want to convey seriousness, “Operation tomorrow” strategy!

As Valentine’s Day is closer to the weekend, it’s hard to take time to prepare (/; · ω ·) /
Do not overdo it, let’s do it at a later date!
I would like to take every possible measure, not to be frustrated and fail .

“However, there is
a worry that if there is a feeling of being late and it does not remain in the impression …” is not it?
It is “feeling hard” to compensate for it (* ‘ω’ *) b

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In the case of a later date, let’s pass on the feeling that “I wanted to have a proper feeling”.
Because I am serious, I do not want to do halfway things.
It is important to “give your feelings” that you think about that much!

The important thing is to be empathetic.
Serious thoughts are transmitted (* ‘▽ `*)

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