Valentine’s day 2018

I will introduce some points and notes on creating Valentine’s Day messages to my boss’s job, so please try to be a little conscious.

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Write an address

It is business manners to write the address well on the Valentine’s Day message card. Let’s write the address first, such as “to ○ ○” “to the ○ ○ director” “to the ○ ○ manager”.

Use courteous words

If you are an adult society, it is common sense to use honorifics for your boss . Even a boss who usually contacts with a friendly person, let’s use polite words on the Valentine’s Day message card. It is better to avoid “emoticon”, “note mark (♪)” “surprise mark (!)”, “Hatena mark (?)” Basically.

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Simple to summarize

Because it is a message that accompanies Valentine’s Day’s obligation chocolate, it is better to put it in a simpler way. It is recommended to summarize it in about 3 lines .

Tell the day’s appreciation feelings

You should be indebted to your boss for something in the usual way (let’s do that!). “Thank you always” and so on, so let ‘s talk about the feelings of daily gratitude firmly.

Valentines Day Messages

Be careful not to get misunderstood as favorite

Be careful not to get misunderstood that you are a favorite when writing a Valentine’s message to your boss It is better not to write each other’s private things, and long sentences are also misunderstandings. Also, absolutely not to use the heart mark on the sentence Valentine’s day 2018

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