Valentine week list

A message to the boyfriend is this one!

If you feel me a gratitude and gratitude etc.
A busy boyfriend is a body-care message , if there is something happy episode recently, if you feel gratitude about it, or if you want me me to think about marriage soon , try writing straight out that you want to be together forever Let’s see.

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Happy Valentine!
Thank you for always being by my side.
I love you forever.
You For Always Thank Supporting Me.
I Would Be Happy If I Could Stay Forever.
I Love You The Most In The World.
You For Taking Thank The Time To Work With Me Because I Am Busy With Work.
Take Care Of Yourself And Do Your Best.
I Can Not Meet Much, But I Support You Forever.
It’s Valentine’s Day This year.
I’m going to like it more.
Let’s make it happy together with the future.
First time to spend with ○ ○, Valentine.
I am very happy to be with you.
Say hello in the future.
Although I am anxious about Okun, who is always busy.
Let’s go even at a relaxing hot spring this time
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I am happy to meet you ○ ○.
Thanks for always being kind to me.
I ‘d like to continue spending time together.
You For Taking Thank Me To OO On New Year ‘S Day.
I Am Happy Just To Be With Okun.
I’D Be Happy If I Could Have Valentine Next Year.

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