Valentine Day HD wallpaper

Message to seniors

Thank you Mr. ○○ always.
Since I will follow hard,
I will continue to thank you from now on.
Thank you for always following ○○ .
I’d like to emulate the △ △ △ location of ○ ○!
I look forward to working with you.
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Senpai, I feel gratitude whispering.
I am happy to have a reliable senior ☆
Please eat sweet things, please power up further ♪
◯ ○
Thank you for always following up.
I am counting on you from now on! From ○○ of a cute junior (laugh) to ○ ○ seniors
Mr. ○○
Thank you for always giving me guidance warmly! Next time, please take me to a drink ♪ ○○

Colleagues and others

Thank you Mr. ○○ always.
I am daily gratitude.
I look forward to working with you.
Mr. ○○
Good job.
I am sorry for always being troubled.
Thanks a little, I will give a gratitude.
I look forward to working with you.
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Mr. ○○
Happy Valentine!
Thank you for always entertaining me.
It was the best △ △ △ △ before this (lol)
___ thanks to you ♪
I ‘m having fun working everyday ♪ Nice to meet you!
I always try my best ○ ○ ○!
Thanks to you I am saved awfully.
So …
eat this chocolate and do your best further (laugh) Thank you.
From ○ ○
Thank you Mr. ○○ always.
Daily thanks … ·

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