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Let’s add a few words of gratitude in a short word.

Those who got it will be obviously willing to be deeply impressed if you receive a message with this kind of gratitude next to your name.

Also, it is enough to express simple gratitude.
Because it becomes tired from reading if it becomes strangely long sentences (^ ^) Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download 2018

For example, if you give it to a colleague of a company

  • Thank you for always having a bright smile
  • I thank you for always being saved

You can refer to example sentences like this.

In short , it is ok if you put “a thankful” meaning for the presence of the opponent ♪
There is no need to think difficult.

If you worry about what to write around here the subsequent sentences will be awkward … (^ _ ^;)  Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download 2018

④ Now, I will frankly tell you the feelings you are thinking

“It makes sense that I am used to feeling like this because of your presence.”

For example,

  • The work of the company is also fun thanks to ○ ○
  • The joke that ○ ○ says is cold, but it is awesome!

What about an example sentence?

I hope I can write a frank feeling while touching this relatively lightly.

By telling you your frank feelings, the person who gets the chocolate can do various fun imaginations and delusions (?).
The power of words is amazing, is not it?

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