Valentines Day Poems 2018 Valentine’s message

1. Write “firm’s name” and “your name” firmly

It is business manners to firmly write “opponent’s name” and “your name” even on the Valentine’s Day message card .

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2. Use courteous words

If you are an adult society, it is common sense to use honorifics for business partners / customers . Even if business partners / customers usually touch me easily, let’s use polite words on the Valentine’s Day message card.

3. Simple to summarize

It is a message that accompanies Valentine’s Day ‘s chocolate and gifts, so I will summarize it to the last. It is recommended to summarize it in about 3 lines .

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Four. Tell the day’s appreciation feelings

It is supposed to be indebted to something from usual for business partners / customers of work. “Thank you always” and so on, so let ‘s talk about the feelings of daily gratitude firmly.

Five. Put concrete episodes

By entering concrete episodes transmitted only to business partners / customers of work, it is possible to produce special feeling. Business partners · Let’s recall the episodes that can be shared with customers while making words.