Valentines Day Memes

In the way of giving favorite chocolate, everyone is thinking about timing.
However, timing is not the only thing that matters .
I want to make the other party feel that way from passing!

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What matters is “expression” or “gesture”!

For those who care about their opponents, facial expressions and gestures are important!
When a man got Valentine ‘s chocolate,

  • Shameful face was pretty
  • While I was nervous, but I was delighted with the way he handed over so hard
  • I tried to answer my feeling by watching it trying to convey my feelings to the fullest

Many opinions were seen.

It’s embarrassing but full of fun! It seems that men are cute as they appear to be in the form of ♪ The
more people work hard, the more they will receive their hard work!

If you deliver the precision of that time directly to your opponent, this year’s Valentine’s Day is full of flowers (≧ ▽ ≦)

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It is also important to appeal that you are watching seniors properly!

Also, how to add a message is also important as a method of delivering chocolate.

This may be a message card or directly,

  • I am watching the place I always try hard
  • I always appreciate it
  • I want to do my best not to waste what I was taught
  • I’m counting on you, I want to be able to depend on someday

And so on,

  • “I am seeing good places”
  • “I am grateful”

I will add a feeling that.

Everyone is pleased if they are praised ♪ In
addition, my senpai has a discovery that “I saw that way like that”.
Then, it seems to be a little concerned about the partner (≧ ▽ ≦)

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Like casually specifying the day and time, we will ask the other’s schedule.

When a senior from a partner’s workplace confirms the schedule, you will see the date.
So the opponent should notice something!
If OK gets out here, is there a lot of pulse (≧ ▽ ≦)

On the day we made a promise, we prepare a message card that shows handmade chocolate and girls’ power. Let’s put in a spirit and prepare for the feeling of
“I prepared so hard

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Also, it is effective to spirit more on usual day than usual.
Let’s change my expectation of “somewhat …” of my seniors at work to conviction of “Oh, after all?”

I am busy with work before Valentine … But if you want to convey seriousness, “Operation tomorrow” strategy!

As Valentine’s Day is closer to the weekend, it’s hard to take time to prepare (/; · ω ·) /
Do not overdo it, let’s do it at a later date!
I would like to take every possible measure, not to be frustrated and fail .

“However, there is
a worry that if there is a feeling of being late and it does not remain in the impression …” is not it?
It is “feeling hard” to compensate for it (* ‘ω’ *) b

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In the case of a later date, let’s pass on the feeling that “I wanted to have a proper feeling”.
Because I am serious, I do not want to do halfway things.
It is important to “give your feelings” that you think about that much!

The important thing is to be empathetic.
Serious thoughts are transmitted (* ‘▽ `*)

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After all it is accompanied by a message ♪

And when you hand it, I secretly hide the message card .

Passing chocolates with everyone.
But, I wanted to give it to myself in my work place from myself!
I feel good when I can express such feelings casually (≧ ▽ ≦)

This method is also good if your intimacy with the seniors of your favorite workplace is not very high.
It does not become too heavy, but the feelings are transmitted firmly ♪

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If there is less eye contact on the way back from the morning, aim for the timing of the way back home!

I think that some people can not grasp the timing of the morning.
In that case, let’s aim for the returning timing !
You do not have to try to forcefully go home together.

The purpose here is “passing” to the last (* ‘ω’ *) b

If there are plans to raise duty chocolate including other people, I’ll hand it over to you at that time.
And, on the way home catch the seniors at the work place, give casual chocolate casually!

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Using a message card well ♪

Message card is also a big success ♪ if you want to give casual chocolate

If you have a high degree of familiarity with seniors, you may confess with a message card.
Also, it is OK to use it as a message to be called at a later date (* ^^ *)
Calling with a message card, it is also ant to tell the confession directly

If familiarity with seniors at work is high! Keep a promise beforehand

When Valentine ‘s Day overlaps on the off day of work, the tension will be a bit lower.
In such a case, if your closeness to seniors at your work place is high, let’s promise to meet in advance!
Besides giving a sense of dating, teasers of the degree of “a little meal” are effective ♪

Promise is the day of Valentine ‘s Day. 
However, let’s not say the date at this time !
For example, if Valentine is Saturday,

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Points ① Things that can not be noticed

What is important is “things not visible “, so it is okay if there are few people!
Let’s put chocolate on top of my senior’s desk so that people around me are not noticed.

If Valentine’s Day is preoccupied with obligation, there is no unnaturalness when there is chocolate.
“Oh, it’s probably just like chocolate from a girl in some department.”

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Point ② Leaving a message

The important thing here is to keep a message securely !

Even if there is no unnaturalness, it is troubled if it is thought that it is obligation chocolate until the end .
Let’s put a message card that says “just for you” ♪

If you are a good senior to a certain degree, please write your contact information and the message “Please contact me later” is also good !

If you can cooperate with a colleague, message strategy to obligation chocolate!

You are handed over to female employees from all female employees in the same department.
Then it makes it difficult to pass on your own only.

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So, if your colleague knows your feelings and can cooperate, ask for cooperation!

First of all, I will assign each passing partner to hand it over .
So, let me ask your senior in charge of your favorite work (* ‘ω’ *) b