Happy Valentines Day whishes

1. Avoid expressions such as “Mr. Oka Father”

I do not know what to call your father-in-law with letters, e-mails, etc., do you? Just let’s get the impression of others, so let’s avoid expressions like “Okono-san”. Even father-in-law, it’s more natural to write “father” “father”.

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2. Tell the day’s appreciation feelings

Originally Valentine’s Day is not an event to convey gratitude. However, since there are not many opportunities to convey your feelings of gratitude to your father ‘s father, it is good to say “Thank you always”. Ideally it is best to write concretely “What is grateful for what?” If possible.

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3. Caring about your father’s health

“Please now also your self-love,” “your changes without spend Is?” “Please, have a healthy you forever” and so on …. Comments concerning your father ‘s body are standard. I feel like I am considering my stepfather as a family.

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