Funny Valentines Day

After all it is accompanied by a message ♪

And when you hand it, I secretly hide the message card .

Passing chocolates with everyone.
But, I wanted to give it to myself in my work place from myself!
I feel good when I can express such feelings casually (≧ ▽ ≦)

This method is also good if your intimacy with the seniors of your favorite workplace is not very high.
It does not become too heavy, but the feelings are transmitted firmly ♪

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If there is less eye contact on the way back from the morning, aim for the timing of the way back home!

I think that some people can not grasp the timing of the morning.
In that case, let’s aim for the returning timing !
You do not have to try to forcefully go home together.

The purpose here is “passing” to the last (* ‘ω’ *) b

If there are plans to raise duty chocolate including other people, I’ll hand it over to you at that time.
And, on the way home catch the seniors at the work place, give casual chocolate casually!

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Using a message card well ♪

Message card is also a big success ♪ if you want to give casual chocolate

If you have a high degree of familiarity with seniors, you may confess with a message card.
Also, it is OK to use it as a message to be called at a later date (* ^^ *)
Calling with a message card, it is also ant to tell the confession directly

If familiarity with seniors at work is high! Keep a promise beforehand

When Valentine ‘s Day overlaps on the off day of work, the tension will be a bit lower.
In such a case, if your closeness to seniors at your work place is high, let’s promise to meet in advance!
Besides giving a sense of dating, teasers of the degree of “a little meal” are effective ♪

Promise is the day of Valentine ‘s Day. 
However, let’s not say the date at this time !
For example, if Valentine is Saturday,

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