Funny Valentines Day Memes

Points ① Things that can not be noticed

What is important is “things not visible “, so it is okay if there are few people!
Let’s put chocolate on top of my senior’s desk so that people around me are not noticed.

If Valentine’s Day is preoccupied with obligation, there is no unnaturalness when there is chocolate.
“Oh, it’s probably just like chocolate from a girl in some department.”

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Point ② Leaving a message

The important thing here is to keep a message securely !

Even if there is no unnaturalness, it is troubled if it is thought that it is obligation chocolate until the end .
Let’s put a message card that says “just for you” ♪

If you are a good senior to a certain degree, please write your contact information and the message “Please contact me later” is also good !

If you can cooperate with a colleague, message strategy to obligation chocolate!

You are handed over to female employees from all female employees in the same department.
Then it makes it difficult to pass on your own only.

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So, if your colleague knows your feelings and can cooperate, ask for cooperation!

First of all, I will assign each passing partner to hand it over .
So, let me ask your senior in charge of your favorite work (* ‘ω’ *) b

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