Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

peaking of the most sweet event in a year is Valentine’s Day (* ‘∇ `*)

In most companies, female employees prepare duty chocolate for male employees.
But for a woman who is thinking about it, it is the event that will be the best opportunity in the year !

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Perhaps the company is a concern for the surrounding eyes, but it is a favorite chocolate to pass as fast as you can.
Of course not to mention the chocolate itself, let’s prepare till timing and delivery way well

If you give favorite chocolate to your seniors at the workplace, what is the timing?

Is not it “the time to pass” the most problematic ?

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Timing to pass,

  • Working hours
  • Human relations at work
  • Familiarity with seniors

It will also change according to.
Let’s firmly think about the position of yourself or your seniors and choose the best timing!

Casually in a nonsensical time …. I go to work first thing in the morning!

First, if you do not want other colleagues to notice each other , you choose less hours for people .

Do you know what time the person in your department or senior department goes to work?
If you understand, let’s go to work earlier than that!

However, it is not always necessary for me to be the number one.
Rather, the next two are important!


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