Funny Valentines Day jokes

It is several days to Valentine’s Day. An opportunity once a year to express godly love affectionately for girls from girls. Are you giving your thoughts on this day, have you decided on a present for him?
 Even though I thought that chocolate was an iron plate, it is true that there are many men who do not like the sweet things actually. Let ‘s give a present.
 wallet? Accessories? perfume? Outfit clock……? It’s not too heavy, not too expensive, but what exactly is the man’s pleasure in carefully about the other party?
 So I will suggest one option. Now that the ” girls power boys ” doing skin care regularly is generalized, how is the way to ” give skin care “?

6 Reasons to Present Skin Care Products to Valentine

 Let’s briefly introduce six reasons why you want to recommend skin care products for presents of Valentine’s Day.
① Not affected by sense 
② It is not heavy as it is a consumable item 
③ Do not give pressure to your opponent as it is not a thing like a thing or scent
④ Because he is not too expensive he will not be bothered by returning White Day
⑤ Because it is used everyday, you may be reminded of yourself each time you use it
⑥ Opportunities for body touching later on “How do you feel about your skin?”
 If he is likely to be able to join in another step, it may be used as a tool to shorten the distance, “This is for men but can be used with girls, so why not use it together?”

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