Cute Valentines Day Sayings 2018 – 20 English sentences to grasp the heart

I wrote an English phrase that I can use for Valentine.
Let’s convey the feelings of love and gratitude on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is usually a woman giving men chocolate and communicating feelings.

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But recently, it is becoming common to exchange with friends or give it to colleagues, bosses and male friends at work.

· · Together with Valentine’s Basic Phrase
· Valentine’s message to tell loved ones
· Messages that you
can use with gratitude to your friends .

1: Happy Valentine’s Day!
This phrase “Happy Valentine’s Day” is useful.
Let’s enjoy the day of Valentine’s Day! Let’s celebrate! “You can use it like a feeling.   Cute Valentines Day Sayings

Anyway, if you want to add English to your Valentine’s message, it would be no mistake to write this phrase.

2: You’re my Valentine.
Please write this phrase for a lover or a loved one.
“You mean my precious person.”

The meaning of Valentine is “loved ones, special people, lovers, important people”

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3: Will you be my
valentine ? This phrase is frequently seen on foreign Valentine cards.
I am not a lover now, but I want to be a friend I want to be a lover It is a message to send to special people .

It means “Do you become a lover?”

It also includes the meaning that you want to spend Valentine together.
” Will you be with my  ;  Cute Valentines Day Sayings 2018

valentine ?” In the past, if you have a Valentine party
and want to go out with a party you want to dance with, you can say
“Will you be my Valentine?” Would you please dance? ”

Well, if there is such a situation, it is still a phrase to use,
It is simply a phrase to tell you that “You are special to me” in the message of the card.

The same as in Japan, the custom of Valentine ‘s overseas has changed with the times.

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