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Message to seniors

Thank you Mr. ○○ always.
Since I will follow hard,
I will continue to thank you from now on.
Thank you for always following ○○ .
I’d like to emulate the △ △ △ location of ○ ○!
I look forward to working with you.
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Senpai, I feel gratitude whispering.
I am happy to have a reliable senior ☆
Please eat sweet things, please power up further ♪
◯ ○
Thank you for always following up.
I am counting on you from now on! From ○○ of a cute junior (laugh) to ○ ○ seniors
Mr. ○○
Thank you for always giving me guidance warmly! Next time, please take me to a drink ♪ ○○

Colleagues and others

Thank you Mr. ○○ always.
I am daily gratitude.
I look forward to working with you.
Mr. ○○
Good job.
I am sorry for always being troubled.
Thanks a little, I will give a gratitude.
I look forward to working with you.
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Mr. ○○
Happy Valentine!
Thank you for always entertaining me.
It was the best △ △ △ △ before this (lol)
___ thanks to you ♪
I ‘m having fun working everyday ♪ Nice to meet you!
I always try my best ○ ○ ○!
Thanks to you I am saved awfully.
So …
eat this chocolate and do your best further (laugh) Thank you.
From ○ ○
Thank you Mr. ○○ always.
Daily thanks … ·

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Message to superiors and other superiors

Mr. ○○ (Mr. · Title etc.)
I am always indebted to you.
I give a little thankful though it is modest.
We appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.
Mr. ○○ (Mr. · Position etc.)
Thank you for always taking your guidance.
It is modest, but I am daily gratitude.
Mr. ○○ (Mr. · Title etc.)
Thank you always.
It seems to be busy everyday, please let me have a breath with sweet chocolate ♪
Mr. ○○ (Mr. · Title etc.)
Thank you always.
I will give you a cool, bitter chocolate that is perfect for the image of Mr. ○ ○.
With a daily gratitude … ·
Mr. ○○ (Mr. · Title etc.)
Thank you always.
I look forward to working with you.

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 Tell the prospect of the future plus image

I will continue to add more positive messages.
Let’s add the meaning of “Please continue your favors in the future”.

As an example sentence ; Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download

  • Say hello in the future!
  • (If your company colleague is a partner) Let’s work together forever

What do you mean by saying what?

However, depending on the phrase, there is also the possibility that the personwho got Valentine ‘s chocolate misunderstands if too much emotion is put in here .

Of course I would definitely be boyfriend if I handed it!
But, if you are in-law, it is good to keep it to the extent that it flushes with smooth feeling.

⑥ Finally write your name

I will write your name at the very end.

Even if I can forget this, I can write message cards with wonderful contents to that extent, but it’s a tricky dragonfly ….
If you do not have a sender ‘s name no matter how nice your message card, the meaning is less than half!

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Last packing is important ♪
I think that there is also a nickname depending on the relationship with the partner (^ ^)

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Let’s add a few words of gratitude in a short word.

Those who got it will be obviously willing to be deeply impressed if you receive a message with this kind of gratitude next to your name.

Also, it is enough to express simple gratitude.
Because it becomes tired from reading if it becomes strangely long sentences (^ ^) Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download 2018

For example, if you give it to a colleague of a company

  • Thank you for always having a bright smile
  • I thank you for always being saved

You can refer to example sentences like this.

In short , it is ok if you put “a thankful” meaning for the presence of the opponent ♪
There is no need to think difficult.

If you worry about what to write around here the subsequent sentences will be awkward … (^ _ ^;)  Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download 2018

④ Now, I will frankly tell you the feelings you are thinking

“It makes sense that I am used to feeling like this because of your presence.”

For example,

  • The work of the company is also fun thanks to ○ ○
  • The joke that ○ ○ says is cold, but it is awesome!

What about an example sentence?

I hope I can write a frank feeling while touching this relatively lightly.

By telling you your frank feelings, the person who gets the chocolate can do various fun imaginations and delusions (?).
The power of words is amazing, is not it?