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If your boyfriend or husband is: lotion / milky lotion

 If you are a gift to your boyfriend or husband, you can check what you are using for skin care from the usual, so you can grasp the favorite scent and texture secretly. To such a person, it is recommended to give lotion or milky lotion.
 Generally male skin is said to be “low moisture content and high oil content”. Even so, there are many people who are not good at sticky feeling unique to make-up water and lotion. Therefore, it tends to choose skincare products made with seeking only those with weak moisturizing power or refreshing feeling.
 However, because of this, moisture can not catch up, the moisture shortage accelerates, and there are not many men who become “hidden dry skin”. For such skin care products, it is essential to have both moisturizing power and refreshing feeling. If you choose makeup or milky lotion that combines this, you will surely be pleased to use any men’s.

I do not know if he is interested in skin care. Advice to you

 If someone who hands it seems not to be interested in skin care, some people may hesitate to hand it over. Finally, I have the advice I would like to tell you.
 That means that even men, there are not many people who do not care about the skin at all. It is OK if it is suitable for wrinkles corresponding to age, but men are also worried about rough skin. I want to avoid shiny skin, and if I dry it by air-conditioning and drying of air, it is a kind of trouble that skin such as spots and acne is rough.
 However, “It is embarrassing for men to elaborate skincare carefully, and I do not know what to buy”, there are so many such people. If so, is it ok to boost skin care on this occasion? With Valentine ‘s on, I will make him transform more nicely.
 Based on my experiences with thousands of customers, the first opportunity for men to start using cosmetics is boost by women. “I am using it because it is dry” “Why do not you try using this?” Surprisingly men seem to obediently respond to such voices.
A woman must-see Valentine's strategy!  Valentine gives "a skin care product to men" 5 th image
 For men, ” I do not buy it easily, but what I am surprised when I get it “. That is skin care. Do not you think it is a perfect condition for gifts? Please check this out for Valentine’s Day

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Men’s pushing skin care: cleansing item

 After all, the safest facial cleanser would be. Even men washed their eyes everyday, so you should be sure to use them. Since facial cleansing is fundamental to skin care, it can be said that the clearest facial is the hurdle for the first skin care experience.
 Besides, if you are indifferent to beauty etc, usually you should be using affordable items you bought at a drugstore. If a little good thing is gifted, men will surely be delighted.
Furthermore, it is recommended not only for boyfriend, boss, seniors, father. The reason is that skin care products are not so expensive. Depending on the combination, price control is possible from about 2,000 yen to over 10,000 yen, it is hard to have a cheesy impression. I’m sure it will be pleasant to report that “Your skin became slippery thanks to.
 Besides, for men who work, skin is like a business card. Especially in the case of work with many opportunities to meet with people, many men are concerned about the skin and nails in order to raise a sense of cleanliness and increase the impression of the first meeting. ” First person’s impression is decided within 10 seconds ” This is very important in business.

How to choose skincare items well

A woman must-see Valentine's strategy!  Valentine's "Third skim care product presented to men" third image
 Even so, how to choose the problem. “I do not know the skin quality, is it also a mystery whether I will use it?” Some people thought so. However, please do not worry about such people. From here, I will show you how to choose skin care products.
 By presenting skincare products to men, “I want you to refine yourself even more and I want you to be more confident”, you can also put such thoughts in mind. Girls that I can care so far are very nice. If you get a healthy, clean feeling skin by the present skincare, his work luck will definitely rise.

Funny Valentines Day jokes

It is several days to Valentine’s Day. An opportunity once a year to express godly love affectionately for girls from girls. Are you giving your thoughts on this day, have you decided on a present for him?
 Even though I thought that chocolate was an iron plate, it is true that there are many men who do not like the sweet things actually. Let ‘s give a present.
 wallet? Accessories? perfume? Outfit clock……? It’s not too heavy, not too expensive, but what exactly is the man’s pleasure in carefully about the other party?
 So I will suggest one option. Now that the ” girls power boys ” doing skin care regularly is generalized, how is the way to ” give skin care “?

6 Reasons to Present Skin Care Products to Valentine

 Let’s briefly introduce six reasons why you want to recommend skin care products for presents of Valentine’s Day.
① Not affected by sense 
② It is not heavy as it is a consumable item 
③ Do not give pressure to your opponent as it is not a thing like a thing or scent
④ Because he is not too expensive he will not be bothered by returning White Day
⑤ Because it is used everyday, you may be reminded of yourself each time you use it
⑥ Opportunities for body touching later on “How do you feel about your skin?”
 If he is likely to be able to join in another step, it may be used as a tool to shorten the distance, “This is for men but can be used with girls, so why not use it together?”

Funny Valentines Day jokes 2018 Valentine’s Day message

Although Valentine’s Day is becoming an annual event in February, there are not a few companies that allow chocolate and other exchanges in the company to facilitate communication. Here we will introduce the message card in Valentine ‘s Day sent in relation to work.

Importance of attaching a message card

 The company’s Valentine’s Day has a very meaningful meaning of gratitude. Therefore, it is better not only to send candy such as chocolate, but also to accompany a message card etc. Why do not you write words of gratitude that you can not say usually and give it to Valentine’s Day?

Let’s write the gratitude

 When attaching a message, it is good to write words of gratitude such as “I am always indebted.” “Mr. ○ ○ helped me with my work and I am thankful.” Since it is a business scene to the last, sentences that are overkilled are not good, but rather than using templates etc, it would be better for sentences to convey their feelings of gratitude firmly.

When delivering to business partners etc.

 When delivering to business partners etc., consideration must be given to further manners. Make the message a little harder, and it would be a good idea to list the feelings of wanting to make good business relationships firmly in the message. With a little attention, the impression from the business partner will change significantly.
 Your company’s Valentine’s Day will be the best place to express your gratitude. Attaching a heartfelt message card, try expressing your hard-to-say feelings all the time.