Have fun with Valentine’s Day!

Valentine has not started in Japan.
That’s why it seems like a fun event for most Japanese people.

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In the first place what is Valentine? 

In one theory,
on February 14, it seems that it came from the day when the Christian saint Valentine was executed.

In Roman times, the
Roman Emperor banned marriage because soldiers do not lower morale as they miss their lovers and their families .

St. Valentine is doing marriage help, etc.
It seems that February 14 it was caught and caught and executed.

And it seems that that day became “Lovers’ Day”.

Valentines Day Sayings
What about Japanese Valentine? 
In Japan, the feeling that companies and others have expanded as a business is strong.
It is like being thought out as a fun event.

Yet, recently Valentine has a
lot of people who are stressed. Especially a person of a society.
Do I have to give it to my boss? Can you give it to your colleagues? What thing? And.
There seems to be various things.

I hope I hope you have a nice day.
It is a nice day to convey the feelings of love and gratitude.

Let’s call it a day.

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